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73.7949° W


Michelladonna is an actress, comedian, producer and community organizer from Queens, NY.  She is the creator and host of the I’m Finna Talk (@imfinnatalknyc) workshop/open mic series, which provides free events for Queer Black and Brown creatives in NYC. She is passionate about comedy, art creation and community. She is a student of HB Studio, the Magnet Theater, the Second City, the PIT and an alumna of the MCC Theater Youth Company.  In the Summer of 2022, she received the PIT x SNL Scholarship which provides classes and  industry showcases. She has also been featured on the HBO series Game Theory with Bomani Jones in Spring 2022. Michelladonna received the 2021 City Artist Corps Grant for “I’m Finna Talk”, making sure to  re-invest into the arts and the community.  She is focused on sharing her communities’ unique experiences with the world.

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